Laneway Homes logic

Laneway homes are only one way the city is adding density. There really are so many great reasons to build a Lane or Coach House. Building a Laneway House is one way people can get a great home in the city, that they’d otherwise have to move much further away to afford. They are also a smart investment from a purely business sense. A laneway house that costs $170,000 to build: With minimal down payment, current costs to finance are usually in the range of $800 per month. Depending on your location in the city, you would easily be able to rent it out for $1800/month, and even more if it is furnished. Many empty nested, move to the newly build laneway home and rent the main house for over $2800 which can help significantly in their daily life. Maximizing your land use by building a laneway home and ask us in how to build one with as low as $170,000.