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Investment in Vancouver Real estate

Vancouver in known for it’s solid and strong real estate market and many investors are cashing good profit from this opportunity. Many others either don’t have the knowledge or are afraid of the challenges involved or don’t have enough fund available for such a move. That’s where we come in and ease up the path. Here is how it works: We buy a property, build a new home and sell it for profit. How? First we put together investors or an investor under a contract and register a corporate. Second when we buy the property, each investor will be on the title, so his/her investment would be secure. All the steps will be done with the present of a lawyer and legally registered. We, the management team, will hire the construction team, build the home and the profit will be distributed within the share holders according to their share after the house is been sold. The whole process will take place about 14 months. We don’t give any guarantee, but so far within past 10 years the market gave us over 30% profit. We will need to collect between $900k to $1.2M and not more than 4 shareholders. So, the minimum investment will be $250K + ability to pull mortgage of the same amount. The nature of the business requires silent investors. There are lots to talk about and I would rather to explain the details with any interested party.